5 December 2023

Image of Year 9 Immunisations


Dear Parent/Carer,

Teenage booster vaccinations – protecting against infectious disease.

Your child is due to have their teenage booster immunisation. The School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS) will be offering these immunisations in school.

Please see the attached letter with details about the immunisations being offered.

Please use the link in the letter to let us know whether you do or do not wish your child to have the recommended vaccines.

If you need help or advice completing the consent form, please contact the SAIS team on the phone number 0121 466 3410 or via email BCHNT.BirminghamImms@nhs.net

Yours faithfully,

Bishop Challoner Catholic College on behalf of the Immunisation Team

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Immunisations Online Consent