4 December 2023

Image of Year 11 Revision Timetable


Dear Parent/Carer,

Following my communication with you on Friday 1st December please now see below a revision timetable for the Year 11 mock period.

There is an expectation that the students attend these sessions that are being put on by their teachers.


Revision Sessions

Monday 4th December

History 11C (Miss Carter)

Tuesday 5th December

RE (all)

Wednesday 6th December

History 11sh (Miss Watson)

Thursday 7th December

BTEC sport (Mr Wilson) PE (Mr O’Connor) 11A History (Miss Watson)

Monday 11th December

Geography (all)

Tuesday 12th December

History B1 and B2 (Miss Carter and Mr Bennett)

Wednesday 13th December

Maths (all)


Yours faithfully,


Mr Clarke

Head of Year 11