A warm welcome

On behalf of our community at Bishop Challoner Catholic College, I’d like to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome. 

In placing Christ at the centre, our school ensures that our Gospel Values are implicit in daily school life and in the way in which we reach out to serve the wider community. It is intrinsic within our mission to present to all pupils, both Catholic and non-Catholic, the Church’s vision of life through both words and, crucially, actions.

Our school is one of the highest performing non-selective schools in the country; it has outstanding examination results and is proud of the success of our young people who, at the end of their studies here, move on with excellent results, many to the top universities in the country.

More than that though, Bishop Challoner is a vibrant, dynamic learning environment, committed to the development of the whole child. We offer a broad, rich and balanced curriculum to nurture the academic, spiritual, moral and emotional growth of our students. 

We have a wide range of extra-curricular programmes across not only sports, performing and expressive arts but, through enrichment in each and every subject area. Our school is dedicated to the fulfilment of its Catholic Mission Statement and is staffed by teachers who passionately believe in the vocation of teaching. We prepare young people to serve as witnesses to our moral and spiritual values in the wider world. To this end we are partners to our families and church in faith formation. 

We welcome you to have a look around our website to get a feel for the school experience that we offer to our young people. If you have any questions or would like any further information about the admissions process or any aspect of school life here at Challoner, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Dr J Coughlan