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Year 7 Personal Development Day - More Photos!

Year 7 Personal Development Day has got off to an amazing start. Students have engaged in a 'Minus Violence' workshop from Ray Douglas and had an insightful presentation from Crime Stoppers on County Lines.

They are all back in the classroom now taking part in interactive workshops on Peer…

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Thought of the Day - Tuesday

Write your own report!

Write positive things for each subject – even and especially the ones you don’t enjoy so much or don’t feel you shine in.  Write a comment starting with ‘well done for…’ . This might include things like “Well done for giving X a go/asking for help…

Mental Health Team

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Thought of the Day - Monday

“Don’t judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

Nelson Mandela

Reflect on your current achievements. Don’t just focus on academic, sport and artistic achievements but include personal achievements, too. Have you spoken up when others have kept…

Mental Health Team

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National Storytelling Week

Some students have been busy in the library this week taking part in activities for National Storytelling WEek.  They have taken part in a comic book writing session. They were given templates to create their own short comic strip. They used the ideas dice to help them come up with themes for…


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Debate Mate Winners

The Debate Mate team didn't allow a school closure put them off yesterday.  The team turned up anyway for the Debate Mate Urban Debate League competition and happily they won both of their debates. They now have to wait for the points totals so see how they've done in the first round of the…

Debate Mate

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Cyber First Champions

While the school was closed yesterday to the majority of students there was an exception for four remarkable students.

Working out of Challoner House Tia, Harriet, Andrea and Catherine WON the West Midlands Cyber First Girls competition!!!

Over 5,000 schools entered nationally...what an…


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Year 10 BTEC Sport Students Working Hard

Following well-led sports activities, Year 10 BTEC Sport students are in the process of completing their final assignment based on the unit 'Leading Sport Activities'.  The focus of work is 'Explaining and justifying targets for future development as a sports leader and activities within their…

Physical Education

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

The library was a hive of activity on Monday 24th January as students welcomed in the Year of the Tiger in a D&T Chinese New Year BGT event. 

Students created good luck charms that included origami, metal embossing and decorating laser cut tiger heads.

They put their chopstick handling…

Design & Technology

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