25 May 2018

Newsletters - Half-term May 2018

Half-term Newsletters -

23 May 2018

Selly Oak Park

We have been made aware of an incident in Selly Oak Park where unsavoury characters have demanded personal possessions including money and phones from others.  The police are aware.  If your son/daughter walks through this park please make them aware. They should contact the police immediately if approached.

11 May 2018

Y11 Exam Intervention Timetable

GCSE examinations are highlighted in grey. Students will follow their normal school timetable unless there is a revision lesson listed that they need to attend. Individual class teachers will advise of rooms where these are not detailed. Students should look at this very carefully and highlight any revision sessions that they need to attend. The timetable is subject to change, any changes will be communicated with the students as soon as they are known. If you have any questions regarding this please contact Mr Hearnden or Mrs McGowan.

3 May 2018

Parish Bulletin