15th September 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Year 13 September mock exam timetable

Please see the Year 13 mock exam timetable below. The students have had a paper copy and electronic copy.

Students have been reminded that they must be in attendance and punctual for each exam, and absences must be reported by a parent. It is very important that students complete each mock exam at the same time as their teaching group, so that no student is at an advantage or disadvantage. We will make alternative arrangements for students affected by Covid-19.



Morning (Period 1 &2)



20th September


OCR Sport Unit 4 – PE2


Further Maths – 60 mins (PD5)



21st September


Biology (13C) – S9

History (13C) – H1

Law (13C) – LW1

Physics (13C) – S3

Psychology (13C) – PA3






22nd September

Biology (13A) – S7

Computing – C1

Economics (13A) – E8

English (13A) – BC4

French – C2

Geography (13A) – G3




23rd September





Auditorium 1:30 pm

Business (13D)

English (13D)

Geography (13D)

Maths (13D MA1) (13D MA2)

Media (13D)

OCR Sport - Unit 1

Philosophy & Ethics (13D)

Psychology (13D)



24th September

Chemistry (13B) – S6

English (13B) – M7

History (13B) – H1

IT – C3

Law (13B) – LW1

Music – PA1

PE (13B) – PE2

Sociology (13B) – H4



Best wishes,

Mrs Healy

Head of Year 13