Law A level OCR

Students will learn about the legal system, law making, the nature of law, criminal law, tort and contract law.

A level Law allows students to learn about a fascinating subject, one which covers many aspects of life. Law students will develop an understanding of the law and how it works. They will learn more about society from a legal perspective and the interaction between law, morals and justice.

They will learn about different areas of law and make connections with business, economics, politics and technology.

Students will develop academic skills, including analysis and evaluation and will be able to make an informed choice about future careers.

It is a well-respected A level and links well with humanities and social science subjects, such as history, economics, philosophy and business.

Some students take law because they want a career in Law. This A Level gives an excellent introduction for students who want to read law at university or secure a legal apprenticeship

Other popular career routes include the Police, Social work, Business and Accounting, Teaching, Local Government, to name a few!

Students do not need any prior knowledge but it is recommended that they have obtain a level 5 in GCSE English