Should I have to pay more for my University education?

What is the fairest way to reduce our budget deficit?

Should the retirement age be raised to 70?

Should state pensions be scrapped?

If these are the types of issue that interest you then the study of economics is a must. No previous study of the subject is needed, but it is important that you have an enquiring mind and are not afraid to question what happens around you.

A/AS level economics will enable you to develop a critical understanding of key concepts that will impact on your future lives. Areas of focus will include:

  • Markets and how they work
  • Levels of competition in markets
  • Why markets fail the consumer
  • Managing the UK economy
  • Labour markets
  • The UK in the global economy

Ultimately you will be assessed on your ability to apply the concepts and ideas to real world events and recognise the role that government’s play in today’s society. Economics is a subject that combines very well with History, English, Mathematics, Geography, or just about any other subject! Students with an economics qualification will have access to a wide variety of career and higher education opportunities including: Law, politics, banking, government, teaching or management.

Economics syllabus