What will you study?

We are delighted to continue to offer Religious Studies throughout A-Level for all of our sixth form pupils. This course is an element of your wider Sixth Form education in a Catholic school.

Regardless of your personal religious background, this course will develop your knowledge and understanding of religion and, especially, how it impacts our modern world. It will also develop your analytical and evaluative skills as it allows you to work independently. Moreover, this course will develop your ability to manage your time, use your initiative and develop research skills.

This course is an excellent addition to any CV or UCAS as it enables its learners to develop a respectful understanding of our multi-faith society, consider how choices can be influenced by belief and apply this knowledge and understanding to post-secondary studies and life.


How is this course assessed?

At the end of each unit there will be a formal assessment which will allow pupils to demonstrate their comprehension, discernment and application of analytical skills.