OCR A Level Computer Science


We follow the OCR A Level Computer Science programme and have done so with success since 2017. As a school we also deliver OCR’s GCSE Computer Science Qualification. The qualification is delivered by two teachers, both with a background in computer science.


Entry Requirements: A GCSE grade of 6 or higher in either Maths or Computer Science. Computer science at GCSE is not required if maths grade is acceptable.


What will I learn?

The OCR A Level course is the perfect follow on from the GCSE and provides student with a deeper insight into topics previously discovered at key stage 3 and 4. On top of this it also introduces new topics such as:


  • Object orientated programming
  • Advanced programming skills such as recursion and game design
  • Software development models
  • Binary manipulation
  • Advanced data structures
  • And more…


Assessment Overview

The H446 course has been offered since September 2017 at Bishop Challoner and adheres to the following assessment process:



Examination Method


Computer Systems



Algorithms and Programming



Programming Project

Moderated extended piece of work




Where might this course take me?

It is difficult to quantify the importance of computer science in the world right now, an importance that will only increase with each passing day. There are genuinely careers that will exist in this field in 10 years’ time that do not now; virtual reality was once considered science fiction.


The OCR A Level is an excellent qualification that provides a broad yet thorough look at many fields and topic prevalent at the cutting edge of this subject. Be it legislation and its application to new technologies such as autonomous vehicles, or the foundations of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the content covered lays the foundation for some the worlds soon to be technological breakthroughs.


The course is the perfect road map for students who are aware that they would like to study computer science as part of higher education; many degree courses are now listing computer science A Level as a requirement and not optional.


Career opportunities? Arguably endless.


Further information on the course: OCR A Level Computer Science - https://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/as-and-a-level/computer-science-h046-h446-from-2015