KS5 curriculum overview

The two courses at KS4 allow students to progress to the A Level in Business (AQA) and Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Business (OCR) primarily (though not exclusively) aimed at the Vocational KS4 students. Both KS5 courses are offered to students who want to take their Business learning further and provide a clear and accessible progression for students from KS4 to KS5 and then perhaps to university, apprenticeship or employment.


A level Business

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Assessment overview

A level Business AQA



Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificate in Business

3 Mandatory units:
  1. The business environment (Exam: 2 hours)
Types of business, business objectives, structures, profit, cash flow, break even, stakeholders, external environment, business planning
  1. Working in business (Exam 1.5 hours)
Business systems: Confidentiality, GDPR, Health and safety, Equal opportunities, Employment. Business meetings, financial record keeping
  1. Customers and communication (Internally assessed)
How to attract, keep and maintain customer’s satisfaction
2 Optional units:
Market research (Internally assessed)
Human resources (Internally assessed)

Career Opportunities

Business owner/entrepreneur, Market research analysts, data analysts, marketing executives, management consultant, public and private accountancy (chartered, certified, management), business adviser in a bank or other lending institution, sales and purchase ledger, credit controller, cost accountant, banking careers, careers in business law, chamber of commerce roles, local authority planning roles, creative roles in media or art, PR roles in larger businesses, research positions with local/national government, management trainees, economists for media or large organisation/banks, managers in shops, careers in logistics, statisticians, buyers, production engineers, quality control and quality assurance roles, human resource managers and employment consultants, project managers and teachers.


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