Year 7 Form Tutors 20-21

Mrs Goetschel


My name is Mrs Goetschel and I have been an English teacher at Bishop Challoner Catholic College for the last 6 years. I love working at Bishop Challoner because it is such a welcoming and vibrant place; from the Bishop's Got Talent Library events each month to the beautiful artwork that adorns the walls, from our incredible choir to the phenomenal stories I get to read, no day is ever the same. It is a school which allows students and teachers to flourish. Personally, I am interested in environmental issues and our school was awarded a Green Flag because of all of the events and plants we have onsite. Each form has at least two eco-warriors so it would be wonderful if you could help me to earn my next flag. I'm always looking for new suggestions and ideas to make our school a friendly place for plants, bees and bugs. I look forward to hearing your ideas and meeting you all in September.

Miss Hebbes


My name is Miss Hebbes and I am a maths teacher. I am very excited to be the form tutor for 7BOS! You have lots to look forward to when you get to Bishop Challoner, from the community spirit to the amazing learning opportunities. One of my favourite things about Challoner is that you have so many chances to practice what you enjoy, whether that be in lessons or in the many clubs that you can be part of. A particular highlight is Bishop’s Got Talent, and I hope that 7BOS can be the form who are most involved with showcasing the many skills and talents you have to offer. Though you may not believe us, teachers don’t live at school, so when I’m not teaching I enjoy musicals, quizzes, and spending time with my family. Have a great summer – I hope you are as eager to start at Challoner as we are to meet you all.

Mr Carroll


My name is Mr Carroll and I teach Geography and R.E. at Bishop Challoner. My favourite thing about Bishop Challoner is the sense of community and friendship that there is here as we come together to learn. I am a big outdoors fan and enjoy kayaking, hiking and growing my own veg. I really look forward to meeting you in September.

Mr Bell


My name is Mr. Bell and I teach English at Bishop Challoner. My favourite thing about the school is how enthusiastic the students are towards learning. I love to cook (and sometimes bake!) and I am always on the lookout for new recipes to try. I really look forward to meeting you all in September!

Ms Lynch


My name is Ms Lynch and I teach Food Technology and some RE at Bishop Challoner. I have been at Bishop Challoner for 20 years. What I like the most at Challoner are the opportunities students have to learn or to showcase their talents be it in after school clubs or Bishop's Got Talent and there is so much going on. Obviously, I love cooking and trying new recipes but especially when using fresh produce from my garden. I love reading books about food, health, nature and gardening. I am looking forward to meeting you in September.

Miss Stone


I am Miss Stone and I will be the form tutor of 7TER. I teach maths (the best subject), and am most commonly found in my classroom (which will be your form room), the maths office or the staff room. One of the best things about being a student at Challoner is the number of different clubs you can join, and I look forward to hearing all about the new skills and friends you've made at the clubs. I am also very competitive, so I will want to make sure 7TER is the best form! We will try to make the most money for the school charity next year, and get the most achievement points as a form for all the brilliant work you will do. In my spare time, I enjoy running (especially parkrun) and seeing friends and family. This year I am also growing vegetables in my garden for the first time, so maybe I'll be able to bring them in to show you. Have a lovely summer, and don't be too nervous about joining Bishop Challoner. Everyone is very friendly and is looking forward to meeting you!