29 February 2024

Image of Year 7 & 8 Readathon

Dear Parent/Carer,

Year 7 and 8 Readathon

Year 7 and 8 are taking part in a Readathon next week. Year 7 will be reading all day on Thursday 7th March and Year 8 will be reading all day on Friday 8th March.

Your child has been given a sponsorship form from their English Teacher to collect sponsorship for the event - a celebration of World Book Day.  All money raised will be going to St Chads Sanctuary, our school charity. Sponsorship money should be handed in to your child's English Teacher at any point from the day of the event and up to one week afterwards. 

Please support your child in choosing a book for the event and in collecting sponsorship. If you have any questions please email Mrs Hodges, Head of Key Stage 3 English: m.hodges@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk.

Yours faithfully,


Mrs M Hodges

Head of Key Stage 3 English