13 December 2023

Image of Year 7 RAYGE Guidance

Dear Parent/Carer,

Reporting – Year 7 Parent/Carer Guidance

This term sees the first set of reports and assessments for Year 7 as they begin their academic journeys at Bishop Challoner Catholic College.

The first Parent/Carer Consultation is on Wednesday 20th December 2023 where you and your child will meet their Consultation Tutor in school to discuss the report.

Teachers will report the performance of their students across four elements of learning. These are:

  • Assessment
  • Classwork
  • Homework
  • Work Ethic

The format of reporting is RAYGE grades. These are defined as:




Well above expectation


Above expectation


In-line with expectation


Below expectation


Well below expectation


Teaching staff are aware of students’ starting points from their Year 6 data when making these judgements. This term the four subjects of RE, English, Maths and Science are reporting. In the summer term, all subjects will be reported.

Report Examples

Please be advised that if a student has a Yellow (In-line with expectation) rating then they are making expected progress and there is no cause for concern.

Example 1:

The report grid below would indicate that the student is doing well and made a good start to Year 7.







Example 2:

The report grid below would indicate that there are concerns with the student’s work ethic in all four subjects as well as concerns in some subjects for classwork and homework. These concerns would be discussed with their Consultation Tutor.



Bishop Challoner Catholic College