Welcome to Bishop Challoner Catholic College

Social networking sites are increasing by the number each week and the majority of students use them weekly on any device that can access the internet including their phones, laptops, tablets and MP3 players.

Social networking sites are places online where you can connect with your friends and share videos, music, photos and chat with one another.

Key things to remember when using social networking sites include:

  • All settings must be kept private so strangers are not able to access any personal information. For help on how to do this please see sites below.
  • When speaking to people ensure you know and trust them
  • Social networking sites are used more frequently each year by online bullies, to ensure you stay safe report bullying or block the person that is doing the bullying immediately and inform a teacher at school if necessary

To learn how to stay safe whilst accessing social media sites please see the informative websites below:


If you or your child has spoken to someone online that has made them feel uncomfortable or worried they can report it on the following website:

Safety Online