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Subject rationale – Why study the subject? What benefits does it bring?

The mass media play an increasingly important role in contemporary society, providing us with information and entertainment. In addition the media play an important part in shaping attitudes and social values. The study of the media is becoming increasingly important so that students can access the messages the media send out to them on a daily basis.

At Bishop Challoner Media Studies is offered as a discreet subject at both GCSE and A Level in order to help students foster this understanding.


KS4 Curriculum Overview

Students learn all key concepts in Media along with theoretical perspectives: Media Langue, Representation, Industry, Ideology, Narrative, Genre and Audience. They look at a variety of contemporary and historical products.

They study:  This Girl Can and Quality street (Adverts), The Guardian and The Sun (Newspapers), The Man with The Golden Gun and Spectre (Film Posters), GQ and Pride (Magazines), The Archers (Radio), Fortnite (Gaming), The Music Industry (including Taylor Swift Bruno Mars and Duran Duran) and Sitcoms - IT Crowd and Friends (Television).


Assessment Overview

Component 1 - 35%, Exam, 1hr 30mins

Component 2 - 35%, Exam, 1hr 30mins

NEA - 30% - Coursework involving responding to an individual brief. This will be to create two print pieces (Film DVD and Poster) on Photoshop (50 marks) and a Statement of Aims (10 marks)


KS4 Curriculum Overview

Students continue learning all key concepts but with a higher emphasis on theory including ideas on Feminism, Post-Colonialism, Active Audience Theories and Identity Theory. Again the focus is on contemporary and historical, as well as global products..

They study:  They study: Water Aid, Kiss of The Vampire, Tide (Adverts), The Times and The Mirror (Newspapers), Formation and Riptide (Music Videos), Vogue and The Big Issue (Magazines), Late Night Woman’s Hour (Radio), Assassin’s Creed  Liberation (Gaming), Black Panther and I Daniel Blake (Film Industry), Zoella and Attitude (Online Media) and Humans and The Returned (Television).


KS5 Assessment Overview

Component 1 - 35%, Exam, 2hr 15mins

Component 2 - 35%, Exam, 2hr 30mins

NEA - 30% - Coursework involving responding to an individual brief. This will be to create two pieces including a 3 minute music video and 3 pages of a magazine to promote a new music artist (50 marks) and a Statement of Aims (10 marks)


Revision Guidance


Career opportunities

  • Journalist
  • Web design
  • Anything in TV and Radio
  • Magazine/Newspaper publishing
  • Government/ Civil service
  • PR (Public Relations)
  • Marketing Advertising
  • Communications
  • Teaching
  • Social Media strategist
  • Film/TV production


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