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Post-16 Options - What can you do after Year 11?

Students now need to stay in some sort of education, employment or training until the age of 18. 

At the end of Year 11 there are 4 main pathways to choose from:

  • A-Levels - academic qualifications in a school, sixth form college or college. Study a subject you took at GCSE in greater depth or choose a new one like economics, law or psychology. You could take 3 broad subjects you are interested in to keep your career options open or choose ones you need for a specific career.
  • Vocational, Technical or Applied Qualifications (e.g. BTEC, OCR Cambridge Awards) - qualifications in a college or training centre. A mix of classroom-based learning with the chance to get some practical skills.
  • Traineeship or Apprenticeship - working towards work-related qualifications (learning on the job). You’ll spend 80% of your time in the workplace and 20% off-the-job with some study in a college, training centre
  • T-Levels - technical qualifications in a school, sixth form or college. T-levels combine classroom learning with industry placements to prepare you for skilled work or higher level study.

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