Year 11 students will mostly be receiving online work via email from their respective subject teachers apart from documents listed below:

Organisation Top Tips

1) Create a folder for that Subject- Label it eg: 'Maths 2020'

2) Label your work with a title and your name eg: 'K Pratt 12Y2 RE Task 1'

3) Save work with your Name, Class and the Title of the work eg: 'KPratt_RETask1'


Y11 Art

Y11 Btec Sport

Y11 Computing & ICT

Y11 English

Y11 Design & Technology

Y11 Food Education

French (this link will take you to the French BC website)
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Y11 Geography

Y11 Health and Social Care

Y11 History


Y11 Maths (click to choose section)


Y11 Music

Y11 Religious Studies

Y11 Physical Education

Y11 Science Documents