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Online Work

Work has been provided for students to complete using their netbooks, home computer or other device. It is important that all students follow the daily timetable and complete all work provided each day. 

We would expect Yr 10 and Yr 12 students to complete all work to a good standard and to have weekly communication with class teachers. Yr 10 and Yr 12 students should be checking their school email regularly.

Students School Email Address - Guidance Document - click here

Class Charts - Magnus C of E Academy

From 1st June all work for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 will be set through Class Charts.

Class Charts will allow students and parents/carers to view and manage homework - staff can set homework, parent/carers and students can view the homework via the Class Charts app or website and complete, return and receive feedback from staff, all using the system.

You can access the Class Charts website here:

Class Charts Guides

For any issues with accessing Class Charts please email Miss E McGowan on

Should you have any concerns regarding work during the closure please contact your son/daughter's Head of Year on the email address detailed below-

Year 7- Mrs McGowan,

Year 8- Mrs Brown,

Year 9- Miss Hampson,

Year 10- Miss Beard,

Year 11- Mr Clarke,

Year 12- Miss Bisset,

Year 13- Mrs Healy,





Do you help care for someone in your family?  
You might have started caring more recently due to family circumstances
or may have been doing this for a while.  Either way - we are here to
support you!

Click here to view a useful guide if your are a Young Carer.


If you have any other concerns or issues please contact Mr Hearnden, Assistant Principal-


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