24 September 2017

Bishop Challoner Catholic College holds extensive insurance, covering all statutory requirements and liabilities. Parents/carers should however be aware that the Policy does not cover the loss of students’ personal possessions whilst in school such as mobile phones, bags or jewellery. It also does not include students’ bicycles should they ride to school. Whilst the College will do its very best to ensure the safety of any such necessary items brought onto the premises, it is on the understanding that it is at the parents’/carers own risk and no liability can be accepted for any loss, however this may arise. It should be noted that if any such loss should arise it is possible that you would be able to claim on your household contents insurance, as in some instances the cover extends to loss whilst away from home. This of course assumes that you hold such cover.


The exceptions to this statement are the students’ netbooks purchased through the College scheme that are separately insured, and students’ possessions whilst on school trips that are insured up to a maximum value of £1500 per student for any trip organised by the College.