18 October 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,


With less than three months to go until Year 13 students embark on mock examinations in all their subjects, we thought it would be helpful to provide an overview of the expectations for English Literature:


  • Students are currently drafting the coursework, which is a 3,000-word comparative word response to The Great Gatsby and a text of their choice. The first full draft of this is due in the week before October half term (by 24th October). From that point, there will be no more lesson time on this and students will need to work independently, based on feedback from their teacher; before Christmas, each student will have a one-hour tutorial with their teacher, in order to ensure their essay is of the highest possible standard. The final deadline for this essay will be the week beginning 6th January 2020, after which point students will not be able to make any further changes to their coursework.


  • In January, students will be sitting two English mock exam papers from their A Level course:
  • Week beginning Monday 6th January: Paper 2 (Prose- Dracula and The Little Stranger) 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Week beginning Monday 13th January: Paper 3 (Section A: Modern poetry and unseen, Section B: Christina Rossetti) 2 hours 15 minutes


  • In lessons after half term, students will be focusing on preparing for the poetry paper. They will also be provided with an independent work pack to aid with revision for this exam.
  • Students have recently been studying for Paper 2, and will need to be revising for this independently after half term.


It is important that students start the process of revision now, in order to be fully prepared before the final exams.


If you have any queries about this, do not hesitate to contact your child’s English teacher or Mr Robinson (j.robinson@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk) or Mrs Marsh (a.marsh@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk)



Mr J. Robinson                                    Mrs A. Marsh

Key Stage 5 Coordinator                   Head of English