2 May 2019

To: Bishop Challoner Catholic College,

Wow, what a wonderful event we had. A HUGE thank you and Edwin, who was a star in helping us on the day / night !! I thought you may like to see what we did with your space! Everyone loved it. It was such a special event & we raised lots of money for our charity that will help us to continue in providing our weekly rehearsals & hot meals for our members. 

Being able to put on events like this gives our members the opportunity to perform to a really enthusiastic local audience. It was a real community event, local people coming together to eat, dance, play & support our choir for people affected by homelessness.

We are already hoping to return in 2020 if you'll have us? 

Many many thanks for helping us.  Very warmest wishes, 

 Sally, Pete & all at The Choir with No Name!