11 April 2019

Year 11 Easter Intervention Sessions


The following sessions will take place during the Easter holiday period, sessions are compulsory for students and they should arrive on time.  


Monday 15th April 2019

8.50am-3.10pm- Art, 11B- Mrs Baptiste, A2


Tuesday 16th April 2019

8.50am-3.10pm- Art, 11B- Mrs Baptiste, A2

10am-12pm - History, 11B1- Mr Bennett, H1


Wednesday 17th April 2019

9.50am-3.10pm- PE, 11B/11C- Mr Moon, PE1

8.50am-3.10pm- Product Design, selected students, Mrs O'Connor, T4


Thursday 18th April 2019

8.50am-3.10pm- Art, 11C- Miss Swingler, A1

10am-12pm - History, 11A2- Mr Bennett, H3


Tuesday 23rd April 2019

8.50am-3.10pm- Product Design, 11C- Miss Conroy, T2


Wednesday 24th April 2019

8.50am-3.10pm- Product Design- Mrs Dane, T1


Thursday 25th April 2019


Geography, 11A1- Mrs Dawson, G2

Geography, 11A2- Mr Mullins, G1

Geography, 11B1- Mr Reed, G3

Geography, 11B2- Mr Tsintas, H1


RE- 11Y3, Group A, Miss Bisset, R3

RE- 11X2, selected students, Miss Bisset, R3


RE- 11Y3, Group B, Miss Bisset, R3


Friday 26th April 2019

10am-12pm - History, 11B1- Miss Baker, H1


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