24 January 2018

Week commencing Monday February 5th 2018.


Last year’s Book Fair was a great success. Not only did the students enjoy browsing through the lovely new books, with many students buying books, it reminded our students about the enjoyment and benefits of reading for pleasure, and brought them into the Library where they can also borrow books for free.

This year, to get a discount and ensure best value, scholastic gift vouchers can be bought, and printed off email in advance. For example a £12 gift voucher will cost £10. There are also £6 gift vouchers for £5.

Books at the book fair can be purchased from £2.99 to £10.00 with some sets of 3-4 books costing £12.99 and £14.99.   There is no obligation to buy anything. However, Challoner pupils will benefit from commission generated by book sales and new books can be put on the Library shelves for all students to enjoy.  

Please note that there will be some small items of stationary and posters for sale too. Please discuss with your child if it is acceptable for them to buy these items.

As a school we continually encourage our students to read as much as they can. There is plenty of evidence to say reading for pleasure has tremendous benefits.