11 October 2017

Charities during the Autumn Term

CAFOD Fast Day, Friday 13th October

St. Chad’s Sanctuary Collection, Monday 9th October to Wednesday 18th October

Shoe Box Appeal, Monday 9th October to Monday 20th November

Dear Parent / Carer

I wanted to take some time at the start of this academic year to inform you of some of our important charity events that will be taking place during the autumn term.

CAFOD Fast Day fundraising:

As you may be aware Cafod fast day took place last week.  In support of this important Catholic charity on Friday 13th October we will be fundraising for Cafod by hosting a ‘poor meal’ in the auditorium during lunch time.  Students will be given the opportunity to donate the money to Cafod in exchange for a meal of bread and water. This will also help to support the Church’s guidance on abstinence on Fridays. The students can of course have their usual lunch if they so wish and simply make a donation to Cafod. Your generosity for Cafod would be greatly appreciated. During this day students will receive talks about Cafod and our sixth form students will be performing a number of songs to help us reflect.

St. Chad’s Sanctuary Collection:

Bishop Challoner aims to support St. Chad’s Sanctuary in the last week of each term.  St. Chad's Sanctuary is a voluntary project supported by St Chad’s Cathedral. It’s a place of welcome and hospitality for asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants. The sanctuary is in real need of donations of food, hygiene items and clothing especially at this time. The centre is based next to St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham and is run by volunteers.

From Monday 9th October to Wednesday 18th October we will be running a food and clothes collection project. This will involve donations of tins, dried foods and clothes for St. Chad’s Sanctuary. If your family could support our collections we would be most grateful. 

Men's Monday: Bring in Small Men's Clothes (Size 28-30)

Tin Tuesday: Bring in Tinned Food

Warmth Wednesday: Bring in warm winter clothes

Toiletries Thursday: Bring in toiletries

Feet Friday: Bring in shoes or socks

We really appreciate your continued support.

Shoebox Appeal 2017:

Over the last few years Bishop Challoner Catholic community has had great success and generosity from our student and their families in supporting the Trussell Trust Shoebox Appeal. Every year we collect hundreds of shoe boxes wrapped and filled with presents and we send them with the help of The Trussell Trust, to children who have very little. This year we are asking for your support again.

The Trussell Trust sends a message of hope to children in need around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes. It is the world’s largest children’s Christmas project. The project has brought the joy of Christmas to boys and girls throughout the world.

First you need to decide whether to fill a box for a girl or a boy and what age: 2-4 years, 5-9 years or 10-14 years old. Then we ask you to cover a shoebox in Christmas paper and fill it with:

• new small toys: games, puzzles, soft toys, balls, car (no playing cards)

• school supplies: pencils, pens, rubber, sharpener, felt pens, paper, colouring book, notepad, chalk, crayons

• toiletries: soap, flannel, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, brush (no bottles)

• something to wear: hat, scarf, gloves, necklace,

• sweets: lollipops, chews, toffees, boiled sweets (no chocolate)

• £2.50 to help with transport costs

Ideally we need to receive the boxes no later than Monday 20th November as it takes more than a month to get the boxes checked and transported abroad. The leaflets which will be distributed during our assemblies over the next few weeks will provide student and their families you with all the necessary information however if you want any further information about the programme please look at https://www.fscinet.org/what-we-do/christmas-box-appeal/how-to-pack-a-shoebox/ or alternatively contact me at school.

We would very much appreciate your support and generosity on all of these important events during this autumn term.

Yours faithfully


Mr T Rowan                                                                          

Lay Chaplain