25 July 2017

Sixth Form Enrolment - 24th August 2017

Sixth Form Enrolment will take place on 24th August on GCSE Results Day between 9am and 12pm. You may have already discussed your preferred subject courses at a Sixth Form applicants’ interview. On 24th August you will discuss your results with a member of the Sixth Form team, who will ensure that you enrol on appropriate courses.  Mrs Fiona Wright, independent careers adviser, will be available too.

If you will not be here to enrol, it is important that you inform us and that we know what your current Sixth Form subject choices are.  Please contact Mrs Reynolds on 0121 441 6144 (term time) or by email r.reynolds@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk

If you achieve the appropriate grades for your chosen subjects, we will enrol you onto to those courses. If you do not achieve the appropriate results we will not be able to enrol you (see Year 12 entrance criteria).

If you do not inform us and do not attend enrolment in person, there is a risk that your chosen course may be full when you do come to enrol.

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