15 – 26 May 2017

Dear Parents / Carers,

Year 9 Transition 2 Assessments-15th -26th May

I am writing to you to inform you of the up and coming Transition 2 assessments that all Year 9 will be sitting next term. The assessments will take place between the 15th and 26th May. These assessments allow us to measure the progress your son/daughter has made since the Transition 1 assessments from the last academic year.

Students have already started preparing for these assessments in class and will be provided with revision guidance by subject teachers ahead of the exams. Could I please ask that you encourage your son/daughter to revise at home on a regular basis prior to these assessments; this will allow them to demonstrate what they know in the assessments and help them build future foundations for revision prior to starting their chosen Key Stage 4 options. This will stand them in good stead for future assessments and public examinations.

Some of the more creative subjects, such as Music, Dramatic studies and Product design are having ongoing assessment as part of modular project work. A standardised score will be based on performance and progress. Students have been given advice for the best ways to revise by myself in a recent assembly and will be given further subject specific advice and guidance by their class teachers. Departments will also provide students with guidance on the specific areas in which they will need to focus their revision efforts.

On the reverse of this letter I have added brief details of the assessments that will be taking place. Departments will provide more detailed guidance to students in their lessons.

The results from the Transition 2 assessments will be reported at the Year 9 Parent consultation afternoon.

If you have any questions about the Transition 2 assessments please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Mullins
Head of Year 9

In computing students will be assessed on the following key areas. HTML, coding, online safety, problem solving and cryptography.

Students will sit both a reading and writing examination. All revision material can be accessed on the VLE and teachers will give students lots of guidance ahead of these exams.

Assessments for T2 will focus on everything that we have studied in lessons. This year, we have talked about relationships with family and friends, what we think about marriage, how we are using social networks and if they were important to you. Also students have talked about food and sports which are topics that have been studied in Year 8.

To help you cope with the vocabulary, remember you have access to Vocabexpress.com which is an efficient and engaging learning tool. Furthermore, you can use Kerboodle where a digital copy of the textbook we use in lessons is available to practise reading and listening.

Students will be assessed on Geographical Skills such as map reading, plate tectonics, the human and physical Geography of the USA and the Himalayas mountains. A more detailed revision checklist will be issued to students by subject teachers.

History T2 will be testing pupils on all 5 skills from the mastery grid including; application, conceptual understanding of cause and consequence, using evidence, interpretations and communication. Students should have their own copy of the mastery grid to refer to. The T2 will test their knowledge and understanding of the causes of the Second World War which include; the Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations, Hitler's actions, the policy of appeasement, America's lack of action and the Nazi Soviet Pact. Revision information and support can be found on the VLE under History>Year 9>T2.

Students in Year 9 will be assessed on everything that they have done between T1 and T2. The topics that will be assessed include Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Averages, Probability, Angle Facts, Data Representation, Ratio & Proportion. A more detailed list of topics will be issued closer to the assessment window. In addition to their books, students can use www.vle.mathswatch.com and www.mymaths.co.uk.

Physical Education:
Students are assessed across 5 strands of the PE curriculum. These five stands include health, work life skills, individual skills, team skills and leadership. Students have the opportunity to achieve 100% across the 5 strands of the curriculum from year 7 through to year 9.

Religious Education:
In RE they are writing a detailed essay over two lessons on the question 'who influences my views on love sex and relationships? They will be provided with revision lessons in RE lessons and at home they should revise the key words for the topic and learn to re-call the given pieces of text from the Bible that can be used to explain Christian views on love and relationships.

Students will sit three 35 minute tests on Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Comprehensive revision lists will be issued to students by subject teachers.