Commissioning Mass

On Tuesday 26th September the Commissioning Mass for the Chaplaincy Teams took place at St Chad’s Cathedral, celebrated by Archbishop Bernard Longley. Some of the members of our Chaplaincy Teams from Year 7, 8 and 9 all attended the wonderful celebration of Holy Mass. At this celebration, all of our Chaplaincy Team members and our Lay Chaplain, Tommy, made their commitment to the mission of the Church and to lead by example in professing their faith. Following Holy Mass, all of the teams had the opportunity to socialise in the Grimshaw Room, giving them the opportunity to bond with the Chaplaincy Teams in both their school year and others from over the whole of the Archdiocese of Birmingham.


Primary Chaplaincy Commissioning Service

After choosing all of our Primary Chaplaincy Teams, we invited the teams to visit Bishop Challoner for a commissioning service. The day was filled with prayer, games, the introduction of faith friends and fun. The Year 9 Chaplaincy Team at Bishop Challoner did us proud in leading many of these activities! The day was a great success in allowing our Primary Chaplaincy Teams to get to know each other and spend time celebrating their faith in preparation for the upcoming year spreading the word of God.


Chaplaincy Council

To mark the beginning of a new school year, we had our first ever Chaplaincy Council meeting! Two representatives from each year group were chosen to be a part of the Chaplaincy Council. The meeting was led by Head Boy, Alfie and Head Girl, Mary. The council discussed areas within chaplaincy life, for example Mass, collective worship, devotional prayers, adoration, charity work, retreats and the Year of Service. They listened to the representatives with year group feedback who discussed what they liked about these areas, and what they thought could be changed. The meeting was a great success in allowing future Chaplaincy projects to be more tailored to the needs of our students.


St Chad’s Collections

Our annual collections for St Chad’s Sanctuary have begun! We have Men’s Monday, where we are looking for students to bring in men’s clothing items, Tin Tuesday where tinned items are collected, Warmth Wednesday where we collect warm clothing and blankets in preparation for winter, Toiletries Thursday, where we collect essentials, and Feet Friday, which is our collection day for shoes and socks. All items are welcomed for donation every day in both the Chapel and the Foyer and we encourage students and families to bring in at least one item for us to deliver to the Sanctuary on our visits once every half-term. Even so far it has been a great success, thank you to everyone for their kind donations!


Shoebox Collection

The Shoebox Collection is in full swing, with a target of getting 500 shoeboxes to deliver to less advantaged people and communities for the Trussell Trust. Students are already getting involved, whether they are donating money for the Chaplaincy Teams to buy items and make up shoe boxes, or bringing in some items to fill the boxes, and some students bringing in fully made up shoeboxes! We are preparing to hold a ‘Shoebox Day’ on Friday 17th November where students can wrap and fill boxes during form times, break times and lunch times in the Auditorium. We are delighted to be able to continue with this project being such a success in the past, knowing we are making a difference to so many lives.


The Month of the Holy Rosary

Being October, the Month of the Holy Rosary, we are praying a decade of the Rosary every lunch time during the Chapel. We invite students to either participate in, or even lead on a decade of the rosary as we remember Mary, our Blessed Mother at this time. Everyone is welcome!