Raising female aspirations- Girl’s STEM Club

Aims and Objectives:

  • To increase girls uptake of extracurricular STEM provision
  • To challenge misconceptions relating to female views amongst Y8 students of their role in the STEM industries
  • To provide an opportunity for problem solving, team work and development of practical ability
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence amongst Y8 girls relating to the stem subjects


Engaging more girls in the STEM subjects is a key item on the government’s education agenda and is also a major aim of the STEM programme here at Bishop Challoner. This year we have launched a girls only STEM club aimed at females in Year 8 and delivered by Miss Blakemore from Science. The 6 week trial has seen the group engage with a wide variety of exciting STEM challenges. Students have been supported by a range of female STEM ambassadors who are industry professionals working in the areas of ceince, technology, engineering and maths. During the project we have collected information relating to girls feelings about women in the STEM industries and their own future aspirations in terms of STEM careers. It is hoped the project will inspire and empower the group by opening their minds to the many exciting career opportunities on offer in the field of STEM.