Thinking about Careers?

Some pupils will have a clear idea of what they want to do as a career, many will not.  If you are unsure, think about:

  • Your interests – are there any that could be used in a job?
  • What you are good at/not so good at – think about skills you show outside of school, e.g. being Captain of a football team shows leadership and the ability to motivate others
  • What skills you would like to learn

You also need to consider how important things like job security, status, length of training and opportunities for progression or self-employment are.  The job you do can affect many things including your satisfaction with life, your lifestyle and the way you think about things. 

Work experience and work shadowing (where you observe people at work) are great ways to find out more about jobs, find out more about what you want in a job and to begin to develop skills that employers want.  Most employers want people who are reliable, can communicate, work in a team, problem-solve and who have good numeracy and literacy skills.

The computer guidance programme called ‘Kudos’ can help you to think more about your interests and generate job ideas through asking a series of questions about your likes/dislikes and producing a list of jobs for you to research (see Student Services for log in details).

Where to find out more

There is a limited amount of information in the Careers section of the school library and masses of information on the internet.  Professional bodies have websites on careers and training opportunities.  Make sure the information you access is impartial (aimed at informing you not persuading you).  You will find lots of information on

Other useful websites:

General careers – videos of people talking about their jobs – information on a range of jobs

Further Education and Training – find out more about apprenticeships – search for further education courses and work-based learning providers

Employment – information on rights at work – CV and careers resources

Higher Education – advice and information on university courses - student satisfaction surveys to help you compare subjects and universities

Building Life Skills – National Citizen Service programme, open to 15 to 17-year-olds to help build skills for work and life – search for volunteering opportunities

Need Careers Advice?

Fiona Wright is a qualified Careers Adviser and a registered professional with the Career Development Institute.

Fiona provides impartial (unbiased) information, advice and guidance (IAG) to help students make an informed decision about their future options and career choices.

Advice and support is available for all students on a drop in basis every Monday and Tuesday break and lunch time.  If you would rather have a one-to-one careers interview, please ask your Form Teacher, speak to Fiona (based in the Careers Room off the Sixth Form Study Centre) or email

You can also get support from the National Careers Service -  Their Careers Advisers can talk to you about your choices online or over the phone on 0800 100 900. Advisers are available from 8 am to 10 pm.

You can get help from Birmingham Careers Service if:

  • You have left school.
  • Are aged 16 to 19 (up to 25 if you have a learning difficulty or disability).
  • Are unemployed and looking for a college course, job, training or apprenticeship.

Call 0121 675 6105 or visit for information on where their outreach centres are.