Mr G Keegan  Chair and Foundation Governor 
Mr J Brooks Foundation Governor 
Miss S Caherty  Elected Staff Governor
Miss L Coton  Local Authority Governor 
Dr J Coughlan Co-opted Governor
Mrs D Fitzpatrick Foundation Governor
Mrs A Gilbride Foundation Governor
Fr P Harrop Foundation Governor
Mrs C Holleran Elected Parent Governor
Mr A Johnson Associate Governor
Mr K McEvoy Principal, Bishop Challoner Catholic College
Mrs J McGettrick Foundation Governor
Mr M Russell Foundation Governor
Mrs D Tracey Elected Parent Governor
Mrs C Ward Foundation Governor
Dr R Wilcher Foundation Governor
Mr S Wilson Co-opted Governor

Committee Memberships

Admissions Committee

Mrs D Fitzpatrick, Chair
Mr K McEvoy
Mr S Wilson
Mrs L O'Brien, in attendance

Curriculum Committee

Dr R Wilcher, Chair
Mr J Brooks
Miss S Caherty
Ms L Coton
Mr K McEvoy
Mr M Russell
Mrs D Tracey

Finance Committtee

Mr M Russell, Chair
Dr J Coughlan
Mr A Johnson
Mr G Keegan
Mr K McEvoy
Mrs K Hall, in attendance

Personnel Committee

Dr R Wilcher, Chair
Mr K McEvoy
Mrs J McGettrick
Mrs C Ward
Mr S Wilson

Premises Committee

Mr A Johnson, Chair
Mrs A Gilbride
Mrs C Holleran
Mr K McEvoy

Teaching School Committee

Mr G Keegan, Chair
Mrs A Gilbride
Mr K McEvoy
Mr M Russell
Mrs C Taylor, in attendance

Pay Committee

Chair of Governors, Chair
Chair of Finance
Chair of Personnel

Pupil Discipline to parents and pupils

Fr Philip Harrop
Mr M Russell
Dr R Wilcher
Mrs C Ward

Pupil Exclusion Committee

Mrs D Fitzpatrick
Mr J Brooks
Mrs A Gilbride
Ms L Coton

Staff Discipline Committee

Mrs D Fitzpatrick
Mrs A Gilbride
Mr G Keegan
Mr A Johnson

Staff Discipline Appeals Committee

Mr M Russell
Dr R Wilcher
Fr P Harrop

Link Governors

SEN, Child Protection, Pupil Safeguarding & LACES: Mrs J McGettrick
Spiritual Life: Fr P Harrop
Pupil Premium: Mrs A Gilbride
Single Central Record: Mrs A Gilbride
Literacy: Dr R  Wilcher
Numeracy: Dr R Wilcher
Governor Training: Chair of Personnel
Sixth Form: Mr S Wilson

Alan- Has full voting rights on committees, Premises & Finance.  None at FGB.  (retires 31/08/2017)

Governors Meetings 2015-2016

Full Governing Body Meetings-Usual Start 5.30pm

Thursday 24th September 2015
Thursday 3rd December 2015
Tuesday 22nd March 2016 (Budget Approval)
Thursday 23rd June 2016
Monday 12th September 2016
Thursday 1st December 2016
Thursday 30th March 2017 (Budget Approval)
Thursday 22nd June 2017

Curriculum Committee Meetings–Usual Start 4pm

Thursday 26th November 2015
Thursday 3rd March 2016
Thursday 9th June 2016
Thursday 17th November 2016
Thursday 2nd March 2017
Thursday 8th June 2017

Finance Committee Meetings-Usual Start 3pm

Wednesday 14th October 2015
Wednesday 20th January 2016
Tuesday 22nd March 2016 (Budget)
Wednesday 12th October 2016
Wednesday 18th January 2017
Thursday 30th March 2017 (Budget)

Personnel Committee Meetings-Usual Start 4pm

Monday 5th October 2015
Monday 8th February 2016
Monday 9th May 2016
Monday 3rd October 2016
Monday 6th February 2017
Monday 8th May 2017

Premises Committee Meetings-Usual Start 4pm

Thursday 12th November 2015
Monday 29th February 2016
Thursday 26th May 2016
Thursday 10th November 2016
Thursday 16th February 2017
Thursday 25th May 2017

Teaching School Committee-Usual Start 2pm

Wednesday 2nd December 2015
Tuesday 21st June 2016
Wednesday 30th November 2016
Wednesday 21st June 2017

Any correspondance for the Chair of Governors should be marked FAO: Greg Keegan c/c Bishop Challoner Catholic Collge, Institue Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7EG