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Biometric Cashless System

The Biometric system is a finger print software which allows students to make payments through Schoolcomms. Parents can request a report of what their child has purchased, we also have the ability to set up a daily spend limit. Most importantly, the biometric system alerts our staff to any allergies. If your child has allergies please inform the school.

The biometric system has reduced the stigma attached with Free School Meals (FSM) students, they are less apparent which makes them feel better. In March 2008 the School Food Trust conducted research into cashless catering systems and identified the following benefits:

For Pupils

  • Removes stigma for free school meals by protecting their anonymity at the point of sale.
  • Reduces queuing by speeding up delivery at the point of sale.
  • Easy to use.

For Parents

  • Can pay quickly and easily online through Schoolcomms
  • Can request a report on the eating habits of their child.
  • Can set a daily spend limit.
  • Alert staff to any allergies.