The Power of Prayer

During these times, I am finding that prayer is a vital part of keeping positivity up. If there are thoughts or struggles, I am having I offer them up to the Lord in prayer. This being said, I know that churches aren’t open for public masses, but this doesn’t mean the Church isn’t there. The community of faith is alive more during this time.  Taking time out for prayer can recalibrate your life as E. M. Bounds, wrote about the power of prayer:
“Prayer is power and strength, a power and strength that influences God, and is most salutary, widespread, and marvellous in its gracious benefits to man. Prayer influences God. The ability of God to do for man is the measure of the possibility of prayer.”

Prayer allows you to voice your thoughts and raise them up to the Lord. It allows us to grow with God. We speak to our friends either face to face or via our phones on different apps. Like prayer, there are different ways and by prayer you will deeper you friendship with God. The conversations you can have with God are pure and like a friend who is always here to accompany you through everything.

In these times where we can not go to church, we can still get spiritual communion through live stream masses and prayers. Coming together for mass gives me the same sort of revelation as going to church. At church, you simply need to look around and see that people are all here proclaiming their faith and wanting to deepen their faith through receiving God via the word and the eucharist. Knowing that other people are coming together to watch the mass via livestream makes me proud of my faith and is so encouraging to my faith journey. Daily Mass is now more accessible then ever. We can watch it from our homes and really engage with the scripture. I challenge you to livestream mass on a Sunday and if you already do to take time for prayer and set aside time for friendship and companionship with the Lord.

During this time especially, I think it is especially important to come together in prayer. We can bring our thoughts together in the Lord and there is something so beautiful and powerful knowing when we pray there is someone in the world praying at the same time. It’s truly a blessing to be able to have contact with God this easily and accessible. Its easy to forget the significance of prayer.

There are so many types of prayer easily accessible to all of us.

Praying from your heart – just simply saying the sign of the cross and letting God know what it on your heart and offering this all up to Him in prayer.

Rosary – an devotional prayer which we have a guide step by step for on the website.

Prayer Journaling – writing down your thoughts, intercessions and gratitude down on paper to give you a tangible prayer source which really invites you to be creative. We have a template on the website.

There are many more types of prayer that I will delve in to in future weekly blogs and invite you to truly be creative with the Lord and try to build a personal relationship with Him because he is waiting for each of His children to come to Him when they can see His work in their life.