“Rosary and Significance”

Every Thursday in the chapel, we have a rosary club. Every week, we pray a different decade of the rosary and delve into its significance, so we truly think about what we are praying. We are guided through the rosary and it allows us to give the prayer its true value and this got me thinking about why we pray the rosary.

The rosary is so important to us as Catholics because it’s a devotion to Mary. We say the 12 prayers for each decade of the prayers and the reflection of the decade is the critical part of it. When we say the 12 prayers whilst truly reflecting on the true meaning of the decade, it makes that prayer ever more special. It is easy to slip into a routine whilst saying prayers that have been engrained into us since we were young such as the Our Father and Hail Mary but I challenge you to think of what you are actually saying and think about the decade you are praying about because the more time you spend in reflective prayer the more open and close to God you will feel.

I have a special affiliation with the rosary because of prior pilgrimage to Lourdes. Spending that time in devotion to Mary in Lourdes and nightly processions around the domain praying the rosary allowed me to truly reflect on Mary and her Yes and openness to God. My time in Lourdes allowed me to see the power of the rosary. When we go with the Archdiocese of Birmingham in May, we see the amount of people that are all praying the rosary at the same time. Its uniting and beautiful. It’s a blessing to be a part of this community and to be able to witness such passion for faith.

Personally, offering up decades of the rosary for people in your life or situations going on allows me to collect my thoughts and offer them up in prayer. It also gives it a greater depth to the prayer and I really challenge you all to find a quiet space and a bit of time to pray the rosary.

It is the reflection on the mysteries that gives it its significance and value in people’s prayer life.

We have made a Guide to the Rosary with Scripture references so you can read the scripture when praying the rosary.