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Here you can find a letter to parents/carers, the mock examination timetable and a summary and further information on your mock exam in each subject area.

Letter to Parents/Carers

Mock Exam Timetable

Subject Information and Summaries


Dear Parent/Carer

Year 11 Mock Examinations

Year 11 Mock Examinations will take place between Monday 29th November and Wednesday 15th December 2021 and will be completed under formal examination conditions.

A mock examination timetable will be published on the website along with guidance from each subject area, please make sure your son/daughter refers to this as it will compliment the preparation that has already started in lessons.

I would like to reiterate some points made in the letter dated Monday 15th November 2021.  You can see the full letter by clicking here.

  • There is an absolute expectation that public examinations will go ahead next summer, and that TAG is not expected to be used. 
  • We do NOT intend to use the Year 11 December mock examinations as a source of evidence for TAG if this is the process we are asked follow. Nonetheless, the Year 11 mock examinations are very important as a means of assessing 'likely' performance in GCSE exams next year. 
  • Students need to ensure that that they are punctual for each of their mock examinations, with the correct equipment and with enough time to check the seating plan etc.  Phone calls home will be made in the event of a student being missing at the start of an examination.
  • Students will follow their normal school timetable and unless they have an exam or are involved in additional study and subject sessions.
  • Students should be in full school uniform during this period, the school standards regarding uniform and appearance remain unchanged.

Please take time to discuss exam preparation work with your son/daughter. 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish your son/daughter every success with their mock examinations. With thorough preparation and organisation, students will be in a position to produce encouraging results in readiness for the summer examinations.

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or queries.

Best Wishes,


Mrs Dawson                                       Miss Barron-Richardson

Head of Year 11                                Assistant Head of Year 11

Click here to download and print a copy of the timetable.

Year 11 Mock Summaries