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Subject rationale – Why study the subject? What benefits does it bring?

‘Sana mens in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a healthy body.’

Our subject reminds us that we are both intellectual and physical beings, held in balance. Our KS3 PE curriculum embodies the concept of creating a healthy mind in a healthy body; enabling students to develop a physical literacy in a range of activities, whilst also contributing to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

It is our intention that students’ learning spans across four strands, which look at the theoretical underpinning of Physical Education. These are health and wellbeing, character and attitude and individual and team skills. As well as participating in sport, students gain lifelong skills such as confidence, teamwork, respect, and resilience, which will support them across their subject curriculum and also into later life.

Our ‘hidden’ curriculum makes a vital contribution to the whole school ethos of the importance of life-long learning. We offer extensive extra-curricular provision which students are encouraged to attend. Here they consolidate the skills they have learned in lessons and signposted to local clubs to encourage lifelong participation in sport.

Through our curriculum, students have the opportunity to become experts in sport. However, there is an appreciation that some students will never master advanced skills and techniques, but through an embedded mind-set they have an appreciation of the health and wellbeing benefits of participation in sport.

In summary, we hope to create educated persons who have a habitually positive approach towards physical activity. Such an approach will undoubtedly contribute to their flourishing in many aspects of life.


KS3 curriculum overview

During the key stage pupils are offered the following opportunities that are integral to their learning and enhance their engagement with the concepts, processes and content of the subject.

  • Invasion games (e.g. Netball, Football, Rugby, Handball, Rugby, Basketball)
  • Swimming and Water Safety
  • Net/wall games (e.g. Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton)
  • Striking/fielding games (e.g. Rounders, Softball, Cricket)
  • Health & Fitness (e.g. Fitness, knowledge and understanding in fitness training)
  • Creative movement (e.g. Gymnastics)
  • Dramatic and Dance Studies

The start of Year 7 begins with an ABC block where pupils take part in a variety of activities from Creative Movement to Invasion Games. Following this block, pupils are taught through and assessed within three different areas of the curriculum (Head, Heart & Hands). Each block of work is four weeks long with the exception of swimming which is eight weeks long. Year 8s and 9s continue with units of work across the activity range and are assessed through our former assessment system of Team, Individual, Character and Health. All pupils in Key Stage 3 are assessed at the end of each term and feedback provided to them via their teacher.


KS4 curriculum overview

Year 10 & 11

In Year 10 & 11 pupils can choose one of three options as accredited courses in PE; GCSE PE, BTEC Level 2 in Sport & BTEC Dance. In core Key Stage 4 lessons students opt for one of three pathways; Performance (GCSE and BTEC Sport students), Participation and Fitness. Students can alternate their options each term and are guided to engage in activities that will encourage and motivate lifelong participation in PE.


Assessment Overview

Assessment on the accredited courses are in line with the exam board policies and procedures. For further information please use the available links.


KS5 curriculum overview

Year 12 & 13

In Year 12 & 13 pupils can choose one of three options as accredited courses in PE; A Level PE, OCR Technical Single and OCR Technical Triple Award. Enrichment activities are also available for Year 12 with Fitness, Football, Badminton, Basketball and First Aid. BTEC.


Assessment Overview

Assessment on the accredited courses are in line with the exam board policies and procedures. For further information please use the available links.


Extra-curricular & revision guidance

All students are encouraged to attend the extensive range of extra-curricular clubs that are run by the PE Department every day before and after school. These clubs serve to supplement the curriculum and develop the student’s skills further across a wide range of activities. The school also enters teams into local and regional leagues as well as friendlies inclusive of Football, Futsal, Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton.

The PE Department run regular trips and visits to enrich the students’ experience. These include Football Trips to Europe’s top clubs, Liddington Netball Trip, Duke of Edinburgh, Ski Trips and even the opportunity to be part of the Ball Crew for
the Birmingham Classic, an international women’s tennis tournament.

Due to the varying content of the accredited courses in Key Stage 4 & 5 revision support and guidance is bespoke and students/parents should contact the course leads for further information.


Career opportunities

Students are encouraged to consider the various career opportunities in the sport and leisure sector through their lessons and the accredited courses. Frequent discussions and knowledge development take place regarding how our bodies work during sport and reference to careers in science, medicine and physiotherapy.

Students regularly take on leadership roles that would support their development in communication and teamwork and to prepare them for coaching, management and teaching.

The department engage regularly with external agencies and world class athletes to broaden student experiences and understanding of careers as well as routes to excellence in sport.


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BTEC Tech Awards

BTEC Sport

OCR Technical

A Level PE


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